Paxym Inc. provides embedded software services and solutions with a specialization in high-performance network stacks and security software for multi-core processors.

The particular Multicore Network Processors for which Paxym has been providing expert software services include: Cavium Networks OCTEON, OCTEON II, Broadcom NetLogic XLR, Broadcom NetLogic XLP, FreeScale QorIQ

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Paxym's industry-leading expertise has enabled us to provide end-to-end software services across the board that fully matched and satisfied customer requirements. Paxym's expert team provides cost-effective systems software solutions to chip manufacturers, Systems on Chip (SoC) companies, network equipment manufacturers, and ODMs.

Paxym's customers include companies of all sizes, ranging from startups and mid-sized companies to major ODMs and Tier 1 equipment makers. PACE Partner